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Homeland Skies {Another Journey of A New Quilter}

So, I bought 2 jelly rolls in 2012. It's A Walk In The Woods by Aneela Hoey for Moda Fabrics.
I love jelly roll fabrics. Jelly roll is fabrics precut into 2½ inch. strips. Like this:
I also bought 2 yards of white fabric with white paisley print.
I didn't start to work on it until the end of the first week of February 2013, when I saw a pattern on a magazine. I remember, that time I really-really wanted to make this quilt!
So before bed time, I read the pattern from top to bottom. *Sigh. I have to. Yes, I have to eventhough I had no patient to read all of it. (I fell asleep!)
The original pattern called for 16 blocks which have 9 LeMoyne Star, 37 Pinwheel Blocks 4" x 4", 7 Log Cabin Blocks, and 4 Rail Fence Blocks 6" x 6".
But shoot, I already used up some of white fabric for 3 blocks of applique quilts and also for a bag! And another 'shoot' was I don't have all the fabric requirement for this project. I was worried if I had to buy more fabrics for this project. I wanted to use my stash, but...
Then I said to my self, "Just do it! And make it my own style."
At that time I just want to make sure I have enough fabrics.
The next day, I began to cut my fabrics.
To make LeMoyne Star Blocks, the pattern said I would need 3" strips. But, I didn't really follow the pattern. 
It's called modification. Ha! 
I cut my jelly roll strips which had 2½" width. Like I said, just go for it! Kinda rebellion.
Some adjustment also had to be made to make Pinwheel Blocks, because originally it should be made from 2 7/8".
Then, in the afternoon, tada... 
And the next day, I got more blocks...
For Log Cabin Blocks, it was a lil' bit different story. The pattern called for 2½" strips and 6½" x 6½" rectangles. That made my red and green fat quarter stash joined the crowd.
The more I looked, the more I thought that the red & green color in each block especially LeMoyne Stars were very contrast and catchy, so I tried to arrange it in different position for every blocks.
Then, I was so ready to sew all blocks together!

 It was winter, snowing so bad outside. When I got a chance to take picture outside, I quickly grab my small camera.
It took me a few days to think about what kind of border I wanted to do. 
Finally, I decided to make the most inner border using 

Dash Stripes.

Next, small white frame as the middle border and a lot of 7" length strips for the most outer border. 
A lot of works. 
Good thing that everything needed to be sewing just straight.

Showing off the corner using fuzzy cut technique. ≧◠◡◠≦ My favorite technique.
I would say the corner stone idea was pop up from my head at the last minute. I drew 7" block on a piece of paper to figure it out.
Do you think I'd be considered as a new quilter in town? :)

Hopefully y'all would like this quilt.
God bless y'all!


 *Inspired by Lynn Lister - from America Loves Scrap Quilts magazine.

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