Selasa, 25 Februari 2014

Winter Januari 2014

Winter in the month of January 2014. Every day, yes, every day we got snow. To much snow, too often, in a day every day.
Snow banks here and there. Everywhere.
It was difficult to go anywhere. Walk or by car, it wasn't fun at all. Kepleset melulu, kata orang Indonesia.
Here is the scarriest moment when we drove on the highway, snow drfting so bad it's so hard to see.

The lake is frozen. Poor fish, eh?

When it's snowing all day, better stay inside & stay warm! Can you see how many inches? 

So, if someone ever told you, about the beauty of the snow... hmmm... maybe a little tiny bit true, but of course I don't agree. It is painful to the bone! And if you can feel me, I miss sunshine & the warmth of island in the equator, so much. Day dreamer.