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Common Questions About Becoming a Young Living Member

1. Do I ‘have’ to buy products every month?
🍃 No. Buying products every month is completely optional. However, if you choose to be a distributor and get a commission check, you will need to be on the Essential Rewards program and have a minimum monthly order of 100PV.

2. As a Wholesale Customer, do I have to buy products every month whether I want them or not?
🍃 No. We never want you to buy products you do not need or want. You order what you want, when you want as a wholesale customer. Or, you can take advantage of this option and be a wholesale customer on the Essential Rewards program, the minimum monthly purchase would be 50PV (approx. $50 plus tax/shipping) – this is completely optional (Note-Learn about the advantages of Essential Rewards).

3. If I become a wholesale customer I will have to sell or push my friends and family to buy products?
🍃 No. You can be a wholesale customer the rest of your life if you like, you never have to sell a thing ever. You also will not be pushed to sell anything, ever.

*The ONLY thing required to maintain your wholesale pricing is that you MUST have at least one 50 PV (about $50) order a year (yes, a year!) to maintain your wholesale pricing.

4. Do I have to buy ‘packs’ every month?
🍃 No. Young Living does not require you to buy packs every month. We do have some very nice packs available that contain useful products that most people use daily, but no one is ever required to buy them. Packs are 100% optional and only available to those on the “Essential Rewards” program.

5. Do I have to buy the same products every month?
🍃 No. Young Living has a very extensive product line, well over 400 products to choose from. You are encouraged to buy what you want and need – always! See the online catalog.
Even if you want to get the best pricing through Essential Rewards, change your order every month as this will help you experience our products on a deeper level and more complete way.

6. Will I have to pay a yearly membership fee?
🍃 No. There is no yearly membership fee for any of the customer types.

7. I’m considering becoming a distributor and sharing Young Living with others, what would my start-up investment be? And, do I need to carry an inventory?
🍃 Costs depend upon your desired level of interaction with others and what you plan on doing to share and grow your business (for example: business cards, index cards, notebook, Day Planner / calendar, paper & pens, brochures, and order forms).
As a distributor, you are never required to carry an inventory or set up a shop. Some distributors might carry some items in limited quantities if they are doing health expo’s.
Young Living has it set up so all orders are placed through the company; the orders are processed at the nearest warehouse and shipped directly to your customers and distributors. Additionally, you do NOT have to have a store or a display in a shop.

8. I want to buy Young Living products without becoming a member of anything.
🍃 You should know that becoming a Young Living member will not make demands on you personally or financially, it’s quite the contrary.
Actually what’s going on is this, because Young Living essential oils are used differently than your average aromatherapy oils the company wants to make sure that each customer has access to someone who can help them learn how to use the oils properly, this is why you never see Young Living oils sold in stores; store staff are not trained to help customers in that way.
Also, Young Living is set up to eliminate the middleman. Yes, it is a Network Marketing company (not a pyramid, those are illegal) which allows people like you and me to have a home business and an income should one decide to become a distributor. This means that the cut, or percentage that normally goes to the middleman is given to the distributors for their work and efforts. It’s just a different way of splitting up the money so that it goes to distributors instead of middlemen.

9. I can get the same essential oils at my local health food store for less, why would I want to buy Young Living oils?
🍃 The reason why 99 percent of other brands of essential oils are cheaper than Young Living’s is only because they are of much lesser quality – even if the label says “pure” and “organic.” Unfortunately, the terms, pure and even organic, are terribly abused and never represent a higher quality of the essential oil in the bottle (*See our Essential Oils Class 101).

If you’re going to use essential oils in the ways we discuss you most certainly do NOT ever want to use a lesser quality essential oil. You have no idea how bad the quality is in this industry. People who buy cheaper essential oils are in reality spending 2 to 4 times as much on the cheaper junk oils in the long run because the essential oils are adulterated or contain cheap carrier oils that turn rancid within 6-8 months.
Caution: We never recommend using another brand of essential oil in the same ways we use Young Living oils.

♥ As either a wholesale customer or distributor on Essential Rewards (after one year) you will get superior quality essential oils (and products too) for free!

How can that be???
How can you earn Essential Reward points?
To earn points your monthly order must be 100PV or higher (slightly over $100).

Months on Essential Rewards, points earned over time:
- Months 1–6 you get 10% in points
- Months 7–12 you get 15% in points
- Months 13+ you get 20% in points

The minimum monthly order on Essential Rewards is 50 PV, about $50 wholesale (not always), plus tax/shipping –BUT– any order under 100PV you will NOT earn Rewards Points.
While you’re in the 10% bracket, it may not feel like you’re gaining a lot… but wait until you’re in the 15% and 20% bracket…
Wow, you can feel the savings! This is how you will be paying about the same price for superior essential oils as you would for cheap essential oils in the store.
In the 20% bracket on the Essential Rewards program you will earn rewards points – these rewards points are redeemed for free product.
If you’re currently using, or thinking of using, a cheaper essential oil; rest assured, you ARE spending a small fortune on junk and therapeutic results should not be expected. Think of a high quality essential oil as a fine wine; it won’t go bad, you’ll never have to throw it away, and like fine wines some essential oils even get better with age.

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