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How We Did Our 4th of July This Year

Happy 4th of July!

I woke up around 6 am, my eyes was widely open right away. I slept really well, thanks to Lavender - Young Living.  Breakfast never been this good! It was Yellow Chicken Soup a.k.a. Soto Ayam Kuning. I had it with sliced cabbage, fresh bean sprout, hard boiled egg, roasted peanut, lime juice, Bango sweet soy sauce (kecap manis), and a little bit of fried shallot. This kind of food reminds me of my hometown and my childhood. My parents took us to soto restaurant for lunch after school almost every day. Of course they had more than what I had this morning.

On pinterest, I saw a recipe using Young Living essential oils to make some drinks. Hm, it sounded like a very good idea, I wanted to bring it along to Fun at The Park! Peppermint I planted had been waiting to be picked up anyway.

What happened next was I twisted the recipe, just a little bit! Oolong tea added and the essential oils I put in the drink was not lemon but Lavender & Peppermint.

My hubby loved it so much and I got a compliment. He took a big mason jar and in a few seconds he got iced tea in the jar just for him self. Ha!

After put some Lavender behind my neck, we went to the park. At 2 pm we arrived in there, and immediately looking for the BBQ chicken. We didn't see any BBQ chicken, not even the smell of it, not even got any view of smokes. Our eyes scanning the area again & again.
Then going around & around in the park back and forth (mirip seterikaan deh), still couldn't find what we're looking for.
Where was it? Big Zero! I thought they said they will be there from 11 am until 3 pm?

Dissapointed, we decided to checked out the antique car show. Baby boomers have a lot of antique cars, lined up along the road in the park. And I tried to walk Peanut on the grass so her tiny feet will be a little protected, while my hubby was busy trying to get some pictures of cars. Peanut decided to did her business really quick. Whoa! Good thing I brought a plastic bag! Fiuh!

I knew we should not go through food section with hungry stomach, but...
Pizza was sold out. Hot dog stand took down the sign the second we got there. It wasn't even 2:30 yet. The only option that sounded good was Kettle Corn. Oh well... $5 for large. We did it just one bag instead of 2.
We got into the car and sit eating kettle corn, it was the most delicious kettle corn. We must be hungry. We ate it too fast, then I said, "OK, we gotta stop, let's just go home and I'll make some lunch,"
But my hubby still want to grab it once again, I refused to open the bag. I said, "This snack is a snack, it's not going to be lunch (=makan angin, tul nggak?). I think we should go home quickly and get some lunch."
But, he decided to get another bag.
Funny, that lady asked, "Whoa, you ate it already?" Ha! I found out that was funny.
Hubby replied, "No, it's still in the car. We decided that we can't share it,"
She asked again, "Who decided that?"
Hubby explained, "Well, me... haha... that's because we missed our chicken BBQ,"
Then she told us that the chicken started at 11 am and sold out at 12 pm. That quick!?
Wow! This town was full of hungry people, it's gotta be it. Ha! I was glad we were able to get some kettle corn. More than wee needed. Well, look at the bright side. It's so good and we don't have it since last year. It's once a year thing. It also means we will already have some good yummy snack for this week. Crunch, cruch!

Sometimes I love how elderly people make a friendly joke. I also love their language, I noticed that their language style is different from the language style of the younger generation. I wish I could learn their language more.

So, we did our own chicken BBQ at home. I got some chicken already cooked, they're in the freezer. I've had it since the day I made tamarind soup & Chicken BBQ ( exactly a week ago).

I throwed them into the microwave and boom, they're on the grill on 400 deg Fahrenheit, and in about 20 minutes we got Chicken BBQ ready, with red potato salad, and boiled bok choy without butter (I love the natural flavor of bok choy). My hubby said that he really loves the flavor of the chicken like that, it was really good with potato salad and the veggie.
Yes, I couldn't agree more. He's right. :)  Maybe we're super hungry so everything tasted very heavenly delicious. Too bad I didn't use any recipe, so maybe if I make it again it will never be the same. Maybe.

Tonight we will fly our chinese lantern and watch the fire works.

Call it a very good day!

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